1981 NCAA Championship Game: Indiana vs. North Carolina

1981 NCAA Championship Game: Indiana vs. North Carolina


March 30, 1981 and the Championship that almost wasn't! On the day of the big game, Ronald Reagan was critically wounded in an assassination attempt. NCAA officials, as well as broadcasters, struggle to decide if the game should be postponed. When hospital officials ensured that the President would pull through, the Championship was on!

North Carolina and Coach Dean Smith had already defeated the Hoosiers earlier in the season and were looking to do the same again. Indiana, led by wunderkind Isiah Thomas, was riding high as they won the Big Ten title and blew through their previous NCAA Tournament foes.

Amid all the emotion and controversy surrounding the 1981 Championship game, Indiana pulled away in the second half. Now is your chance to own a bit of basketball history as the Hoosiers capture their second national title under coach Bobby Knight!

• Original Network Broadcast of 1981 NCAA Championship game with historic presence of the Ronald Reagan assassination attempt

• Great coaching match up: Bobby Knight of Indiana vs Dean Smith of North Carolina

• Game would include future NBA stars: Isiah Thomas, James Worthy, and Sam Perkins

90 minutes